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Too many people in this country are getting overwhelmed by beauracratic agencies, bad public policies, and piss poor decision making. We are forgetting the whole "We the People" mantra. We are letting incompetent leaders and dishonest public servants abuse our trust and ruin lives in the process. 

Plan B Justice Group confronts the broken systems destroying our society and exposes the crooked people perpetuating and profiting off fraud and double dealing. We offer multiple paid services for clients with just causes who are up against armies of more powerful adversaries. We even the odds and provide key support to your situation that you can't get anywhere else. 

We provide an avenue to give yourself a fighting chance against powerful people who try to push you around because you can't afford a lawyer to sue them. We do this with public education campaigns, comprehensive background investigations, and other proprietary and proven techniques that have exposed other frauds and bad actors.

We also offer constitutional consulting, a service that helps you understand legal matters as they relate to constitutional rights and remedies. If you think legal services you are paying for might be questionable, we are the people to talk to. We can help you keep your lawyer honest. If you want to be your own lawyer, we can provide coaching and materials to make that option much more manageable for you. 

Rich Bergeron (left) and MMA Fighter Bas Rutten (right)
The Founder of Plan B Justice Group is Rich Bergeron, a guy who stumbled across a story that got him sued for $25 million as a young reporter. He spent more than 7 years fighting on behalf of shareholders of the company, trying to expose the fraud billionaire casino owners were trying to perpetrate by burning all the company's early investors. 

That experience showed Bergeron that fighting even the most wealthy and powerful people is possible if you arm yourself with the truth and know how to publish the damaging facts in the right places. The truth really does hurt even the most powerful people who want their darkest secrets to stay hidden forever. 

Bergeron went on to write a book about representing yourself in court. Since then he's had some other high profile battles. One of his most impressive public education campaigns centers around the UHaul corporation. Bergeron's "gripe site" reaches countless customers who wind up disappointed with the company's shortcomings. Bergeron provides visitors to the site an incredible look inside the history of the family running the operation and the father they ruined to take control of it

The Plan B Justice Group is here for you when Plan A fails. When traditional channels don't help you resolve your issues, we can pick up the slack. Rich and his trusted team are here to fight back for you if someone you are dealing with is getting away with fraud, corruption, or some other nefarious activity you want to expose. Contact Rich today at rich.bergeron@gmail.com or 702-776-9786. 

As we feature the bulk of our cases on this blogger platform, we will also provide crowdfunding options that allow readers and visitors to contribute to marketing efforts focusing on our most important campaigns. Stay tuned as this site develops. Our first new story will go live on September 1, 2021. 

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